How do you change the tm-ui-process button class?

We can’t figure out how to make the tm1-ui-process button use a different bootstrap class. We tried adding tm1-ui-button-class="btn btn-outline-primary” and tm1-ui-button-class="btn-outline-primary” to the tm1-ui-process directive in html with no luck. Do you know what we should be typing in for this to work?

Hi @chet_watkins,

It looks like it is a bug as the class is not being added correctly to the directive. We will get a support ticket raised for you (@Celine). You can work around it by surrounding the directive in a span and applying a class that way:

  .is-red > div > button {
     background-color: Red;

<span class="is-red">
  <tm1-ui-process tm1-instance="dev" tm1-name="Cube.GeneralLedger.LoadFromFile" tm1-display-name="Run Me!" tm1-message-success="Greeeat!" tm1-message-running="Wait..."></tm1-ui-process>