HOST is not Authorised


I got two servers,

  1. DB server, installed Pulse on it
  2. Web server, installed IIS on it, and a URL for Pulse

I added a rule on IIS, to rewrite URL then link to DB server Pulse URL, but got a message “HOST is not Authorised” and can’t login to Pulse

Any additional configuration needs to be done for this?

btw, DB server Pulse URL working fine, this happened only when using the Web server URL

Hi @vhsieh,

In the conf/Pulse.cfg file, there is a parameter named:


Can you try to update that with the URL that you were using to access Pulse.

For example:

AllowedRedirectHosts =

You will need to restart the Pulse Application server afterwards.

Let us know how it goes.



YES! This works, THANKS!