Hiding "Dimension Definition Section" from Cube Viewer as Default

Anyone know how to hide “Dimensions Definition Section” from the Cube Viewer as default (e.g. first-time open the view)? so user only enable/open it when needed, just like the Hierarchy Definition Section we can use “hierarchiesVisible = false” to hide.

also, would be nice if we can control visibility of some of the buttons on toolbar, e.g.
a) Instance dropdown, hide/show
b) Cube dropdown, hide/show
c) ViewManagement section: view dropdown+reset+clear+save+saveas+delete, can show/hide as the whole section
d) MDX button, show/hide

Did you try …

"cubeView": {
    "instance": "myInstance",
    "cube": "myCube",
    "viewName": "Default",
    "viewDefininitionVisible": false,
    "hierarchiesVisible": false,
    "realTime": false,
    "searchEnabled": false

About showing/hiding individual buttons in the toolbar I’m not sure that we have advanced options for that at this time but you could raise a ER on the Bitbucket issue list.

Yeah, tried hierarchiesVisiable works for the hierarchies section part. was thinking “viewDefinitionVisable” options may use for Dimensions section, unfortunately it doesn’t work. also find “toolbarEnable” also works to hide/show the tool bar, which was not in the example.

Also, ticket had been raised in Bitbucket already for individual button option.