Hiding Column Headers

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has found a way to hide the column headers in a view/grid? I have tried the following but haven’t found a solution so far:

  • Since we are able to hide the row headers using the “hiddenColumns” Adv Option by using column “0”, I was looking for something similar for rows but couldn’t find such a parameter.

  • As column headers automatically use the style stored in “ibcs-class”, I tried overwriting the default with the below. The “line-height” works to make the header taller but there seems to be some minimum height threshold so I can’t shrink it to zero.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

this cannot be achieved using CSS and can only be done by creating a custom widget and developing this feature.

did you try the following in ibcs-class?
display:none !important;

@lwang, thanks for your advice! I just tried it and unfortunately, it does not compress the height of the header (as there appears to be some minimum height built into the UX headers).


true, but this is what I can archive so far.