Hiding applications in appbar on screen basis


As you know we can hide application on the appbar with this setting from app management.


I wonder whether it is possible to hide some application in some screens or applications.

I have 3 applications (a,b,c) and application a needs to be shown on appbar if the user is on application b. And I need to hide application a in every other applications or screens. So in application c user should not see application a on the appbar.

I have very similar case, do you have any workaround solution?


Showing an application root in the appbar and applauncher is a global setting, it isn’t possible to turn this off and on depending which application a user is using. You would usually control access to specific apps via element security on the app dimension. If user groups for each app are non-overlapping then the requirement solves itself, but if users have access to multiple apps then of course they will see all the ones they are entitles to see.

However, there’s a couple of ways that this requirement could be solved.

  1. For each app have a separate content store and separate URL to access the application. (Or if I understand yoour description forrectly have one content store and URL for apps A & B and a separate one for app C where the users will see only app C).
  2. Create a custom landing page where the user must choose which app they want to work with. The selection runs a process in the contentstore instance which removes the user from the groups used for element security for the other apps.

I think #1 requires no explaination. It’s just a matter of having an additional content store instance and additional tomcat webapp and base URL. For #2 it shouldn’t be too much additional work provided you already have sepatate security groups for access to each app. If you don’t then you need to set this up first.

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Thanks we will try 2nd scenario in the worst case.