Have you tried to Code Formatting feature in Arc?

Hi All,

Have you tried the code formatting feature in Arc available since v3.4.0? Did you know that this is available in the Process Editor, Rules Editor and in the MDX Lab?

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I would love to. But it has really limited use for me while it is limited to formatting a whole tab and can’t just do a section of selected code.

(Alternatively start/end tags for sections of code not to format would also be an acceptable workaround).

Reason: in our frameworks we have standard snippets for logging which have been made as compact as possible by removing most spaces and formatting. e.g.

With the regionalization this is relatively unobtrusive and acceptable. However if the code is formatted then this section expands to cover nearly 100 rows. Even with regionalization to be able to collapse the snippet this is quite extreme. e.g. after formatting (with standard options)

Do you think there’s anything that could be done about this? (for such standard snippets if they are compact and unformatted it is also a good visual guide for the code reviewer that this region needs no review = less mental effort). If it was possible to have tagging like #StartNoFormat #EndNoFormat it would be very useful.