Hanging thread detected

Hi Apliqo Expert,
I am facing the following error when loading the cube. Please advice how to overcome it. Thanks.


Hi @sktan

I would kinda urge you to stop posting low effort posts here. You seem pretty new to both TM1 and Apliqo UX. Before posting, do some basic research (check the documentation, check demo app examples, search this forum, search TM1 forum, use google) and ask a more senior resource on your project or whoever is mentoring you. Don’t use up your goodwill by spamming this forum (or any other forum for that matter.)

This issue (a long running MDX thread) is not a Apliqo UX issue per se. It simply means you have either a poorly configured data source for a widget (and are either quering way to much data or data at a very consolidated level of a very large cube) or you have a badly designed backend model with very slow cubes due to poor rules and feeders. The popup dialog in Apliqo UX is just offering the option to cancel the request (with result that the widget won’t have data) rather than wait for the server to return the data. This is exactly the same as the cancel button in the Arc cube viewer for example.

Hi cw-ch,
Yes, I am very new to TM1 and Apliqo UX. I took over TM1 on March 2023 and Apliqo UX on June 2023. My senior already resigned on February 2023. I have approached Cubewise vendor due to my difficulties on Apliqo UX, they advised me to post the question in this forum. I have no intention to spam this forum because I really have less knowledge on this TM1 which is multidimensional database and somemore new to Apliqo UX and Workforce.

The data source that caused long running MDX thread in Apliqo UX is designed by my senior. However, I was wondering why this data source doesn’t have any issue when running using Perspective and Architect.