Google Search doesn't work for View & Subset

Hi Team,
We’ve found that the Google search function for View & Subset does not return any results.
None of the views/subsets with a certain keyword/name are listed after we do a search.


Hi @drd,

We removed the documentation of views and subsets in Pulse since 5.4.X, on account of the size in disk these were occupying, previously, Pulse was also documenting the changes on these as well.

Thanks for rising this, as we should remove these from the search options…

Could you please also contact your local Cubewise office with this inquiry.



Thanks Erik, I’ve noted that.

With rest query in v6 it shouldn’t be a problem to have this feature back?

Hi @cw-ch

We don’t have plans to bring it back at this stage, it is more of an issue when using the REST API as we need to pull all of the subsets / views over the network. When using Pulse 5.8 we have access directly to the sub and vue files.