Getting subset error in Arc 3.5 when refreshing cube

I just started using Arc again after a pause - last was using maybe 3.1, now downloaded 3.5

I can open a cube view, but when I refresh, I get an error. It shows in browser and also in the tm1server.log:

ERROR 2022-09-13 17:57:56.741 TM1.Mdx.Interface “2020” : member not found (rte 81)

Member 2020 DOES exist in the periods dimension. In the cube view, I can select the member from the dimension, and it still gives the error. I’m logging in with the non-interactive user, which has admin rights.

Hi @JoshLobel

This error isn’t specific to Arc.

You can usually resolve the error by clicking on the All icon (looks like an upside down A) in the subset editor to view all members, then locate and select the member again and click OK. This will refresh the MDX expression for the subset and view that Arc generates to execute against the TM1 server.

Hope this helps.

Thanks George.

I’m only getting the error in Arc - e.g. perspectives works fine. Could be user error. I did try the All icon and choosing a different member - even a specific element without any MDX expression. Perhaps behind the scenes Arc is always using MDX, and thus this error in the log:

25080 [1461c] ERROR 2022-09-14 13:09:45.292 TM1.Mdx.Interface “2022” : member not found (rte 81)

It’s odd.


i have the same issue but didn’t found the Time to check if its something special in the subsets i use in the views… Not everyone but also many of my views didn’t work anymore with ARC since the last Update.


Hi @Olide02 ,

Yes unfortunately there is an issue with v3.5, v3.5 can’t open Native Views created with Architect with stacked rows.

We’re preparing a new release including the fix which should be out soon.



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Hi Vincent, We are experiencing this error too. Is it advisable to rollback to a previous version in the interim?

Hi @ZFernG ,

Yes, we are targetting to release a new version early next week. If this issue is stopping you for using Arc, you can raise a ticket: Issues · Cubewise CODE / Arc and Slice · GitLab and we will send you an interim build.