Generated code in TI Removed


We ran into an issue at one of our clients where we found that the generated code in their TI processes were removed after we used arc to work on these TI processes.

Is it possible that arc is removing generated code (code generated through the TI wizard and generated between the Generated Statement tags) after we opened the TI process with arc?

I understand that generated code is certainly not good practice but the problem is that we ended up making changes to a TI process that had generated code in the Metadata tab but it went missing after we used arc to make changes to the TI code. We only realised that the code went missing after we migrated the TI process to prod and issue occurred.

At the moment, we are not certain the root cause of the generated code going missing so that why i want to find out if it is a possibility that arc would remove generated code.


Hi @Sb5,

Yes, Arc is currently removing generated code. The issue has already been reported and from version 1.3.2 there will be a warning if there are variables that have a formula. The user will then have the option to make the relevant changes before saving. We don’t have plans to support wizard code.


Why doesn’t Arc just leave the generated code alone, if it exists? I support an app that has a good bit of wizard-generated code (not coded by me) and know of another app at my company where all the TI’s have wizard-generated code. Arc should respect that already existing code IMO.


Hi @matthew.m.james,

The target audience for Arc is experienced TM1 developers and we think we can spend our time adding other features rather than supporting the wizard options. The wizard is a good learning tool for beginners but I think from that point on it is better to write the code (or at least copy it) using the text editors.