Generate view result based on selected global filter value

I am creating a view with global filters as below.

The result view will be auto displayed based on the selection from global filter. I have read some of the related topics from this forum by passing the value using this format


I have tried the formular in MDX,
example: {TM1SubsetToSet([CP.Process].[CP.Process], “$<<[BE_Planning].[CP.Line].[CP.Line]>>” )}

but it seems not working. May I know where is my mistake? Please advise. Thanks.


There doesn’t look to be anything wrong with your MDX or use of placeholder variables assuming that there is a subset called “FAM” in the CP.Process dimension. If the CP.Process dimension doesn’t contain such a subset then this would return an empty set.

Note that when you are using the instanceName.dimName.hierName variable in a MDX field or any “technical” field like default value in advanced options then the returned value will always be the element principal name so the element must be named “FAM” and not an alias (or else the sabset would need to be equivalent to the principal name not the display name.) For “display” fields such as widget name and info text instanceName.dimName.hierName will automatically return the display caption without needing to use the instanceName.dimName.hierName::attrName syntax.