Full model migration package enhancement


When creating a type “All” migration package it would be a GREAT ENHANCEMENT if it was possible to easily filter out control objects. Having a checkbox “exclude control objects” would be a good start but probably much better would be the ability to maintain an exclusion list in order to automatically exclude certain objects from being included in packages.

This would save a lot of time in preparing packages and also in checking before executing to make sure there aren’t any unintended metadata overwrites.

(I’'m talking about such things as }Clients.dim, }Groups.dim, }ClientProperties.cub, }CubeProperties.cub, etc, etc,)


Hi cw-ch,

You can exclude them in the UI, have you tried } in the filter and then clicking the button to exclude filtered objects.


Yeah I hear you Tim but some committee of geniuses decided that it would be best to make the apliqode framework objects }.

So I need to include these objects but exclude the true control objects. With the current options it’s pretty tedious. Is there a way to make this easier?