Formula referencing column header

Perhaps this is a future enhancement request but is there a way to reference the column header when using UX formulas? For example, if I write a DBRW formula on an inserted row, I want the ability to reference the Version dimension (on the columns). I’ve tried using “D0” and also “$<<UX_Demo.Version.Version>>” but neither seem to work.

Hi @wwang

It isn’t currently possible to reference column header values in DBRW formulas. Row headers are possible since the row header is “column A” in the handsontable body (and columns B, C etc. if there are stacked row dimensions). However the column headers are in a separate object. We are aware and agree that this is a significant limitation in the formula implementation and it is on the list to be addressed. We can’t commit to a timeframe right now though. When implemented the header value will most likelly be represented by something like B0, C0, …

Thanks for the explanation @cw-ch ! Hope to see it in UX in the future!