Formatting Views


Q1. I would like to format values in a view as percentages. Is this possible?

I have used element formatting which is applied in some of the views where that dimension is on the rows. In the view I am trying to create, the dimension that has the formatting is a title dimension and the formatting is not applied in the UX view (it is in Architect). There is no formatting on the row or column dimensions or any other dimension.

Q2. What logic does Apliqo UX use to determine the formatting to apply to cells when all elements relating to a cell (title elements, row elements and column elements) can all have different formatting applied?


The UX looks at the format attribute for row and column dimensions. Column format has priority over row format. Formats on filter dimensions are ignored. (this is a little bit different from architect as it also takes format on filter dimensions into account from right to left in stacking order, but only if there isn’t a format from rows or columns).

So if you want to apply % format then the formatting must be on either row or column dimension.

We also have some “special formatting options”. E.g. for a column dimension if you create a attribute called “ibcs-class” and populate it with a value “var” or “varper” then this will automatically create the in-grid variance charts. Best use case for this is a version dimension e.g. format ACT - BUD as “var” and ACT vs. BUD % as “varper”.