Formatted number copy issue from UX to Excel

Hi everyone,

When we copy numbers with different formatting from UX to excel, we see that some of the formats are not copied properly.

Here only the one with point decimal separator, which has also comma thousand separator, is copied properly, i.e. no comma separator is seen in excel only point decimal separator is seen and the value considered as number. However, for the other two, thousand separators, space and point characters are also copied to excel as it seen in the figure, therefore these values are considered as texts not number.

This issue does not exist when the values are exported to Excel via Export button.

Export to Excel:

Copy to excel:

Do you know whether there is a way to fix this?

UX version is 2021.21.11 FP2.


This isn’t really a UX issue, it’s an Excel issue. Excel will only recognize as values when pasting in text from the clipboard either unformatted numbers or numbers where the thousand and decimal delimiter match the regional settings that Excel is using. This will affect any values pasted from the clipboard, not just from UX.

Hi @cw-ch,
The issue seems to be on UX because it is between ux and clipboard.
English formatted number (3,177.22) is copied to clipboard without thousand seperator(3177.22)
But non-english formatted number (3 177,22 or 3.177,22) is copied to clipboard with thousand seperator.

The problem is especially with this format: “3 177,22”
Because the space character makes it string while pasting into excel.


Hi @monder
Thanks’s for the additional information. I think that’s now something we can look at.

This bug is fixed in UX version 2022.06.00 FP2.

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