Flow Diagram does not show full relationship

I want to use the Flow Diagram function to see the whole object flow in a TM1 instance, but the diagram is not showing a full relationship.

I have used Currency dimension in many cubes, but the diagram does not show the flow.

However, Technical Documentation shows the cube structures (dimension elements) correctly.

I didn’t change any default setting so “All Levels” is selected & any “Include” or “Exclude” are leaving blanks.
Did I miss some config setting for this issue?

TM1 Version: 11.6.00000.14
Pulse Version: 5.8.1
Browser: Chrome

Hi @kwong,

Pulse shows the flow of data not the dimensions that are part of a cube.

It would be helpful to have an alternate relationship diagram which is object relationship orientated rather than data flow orientated as this is more useful for admins and developers when performing any impact analysis due to requested changes or enhancements on a system. I hope this is something which is at least on the Pulse 6 roadmap. Or if not in Pulse then in Arc, but there is a definate need for this kind of diagram but centered on the relationship betwene TM1 objects.