Filtering out Pulse related threads and Tm1Server.log related log entires

I assume it is an enhancement request. But a customer is asking if it is possible to filter out in Pulse interface:

  • threads that related to Pulse
  • tm1server.log messages for entries such as processes run by Pulse.
    Basically in both threads and tm1server.log entries, they want to see information that relates only to user interaction with the system (btw I disagree it is a good approach but that is what they ask for)
    Asking just in case it is actually already possible…

Hi Pawel,

Yes this is possible in the Pulse Live Monitor!

From the Session Monitor, you can open the dropdown as below and untick the Pulse Threads. This has been available for quite some time now:

The same feature has been introduced to the Message Log in v6.2.1: