Failed to set uxtoolkit up

Hi there,

I tried to set the uxtoolkit up, it pops up error,
I saw the log

checked the settings.json, the password is decoded

then I tried to run it on debug mode,

looks like it’s successful, but while I run the
it has still been failed,

How can I fix it?


Are all the paths set up coprrectly in }APQ Settings cube?

If it is working without error when run from command line but not when TI process is trying with ExecuteCommand then most likelly cause is that the paths aren’t set properly.

Also note that if you have separate web server from TM1 server then we don’t support it as ExecuteCommand tequires that the UXToolkit.exe is local to the TM1 service.

Hi @cw-ch ,

We have set up all the paths in }APQ Settings, and also put the uxtoolkit in the instance’s folder,
But it still has not worked,
not sure what I missed.

Sorry, just saw the user which we used is not admin…

Thanks for the update!