Extend Options - Pulse Server

If the Extend Option “Pulse Server” is so Pulse can monitor workbooks used by the client, then is it possible that a client user can just “turn it off” and stop the Excel Reporting in Pulse working?

Hi @mmacdonnell,

That usually depends on that Pulse Server settings and whether the Pulse Server is reachable.

The Extend log files would be the next area to look for if you are looking for Pulse connectivity issue for that particular user.

Is this what you are trying to check?


This is a theoretical question from a client.

They are concerned that someone can remove this setting and their workbook useage won’t get reported to Pulse.

What is the “Pulse Server” setting for?

Hi @mmacdonnell,

That is how Extend knows to which Pulse Server to connect to for their workbook usage.

If logging Excel to Pulse is the only feature you need, then the Pulse Excel Logger might be the better alternative. As this one does not have any ribbon or menu after activation. It also uses the same license file as with Extend.

On the setting being accidentally removed, there is another way to deploy the settings to users. That is occasionally or on schedule, via the UPDATE_STAMP property as described here:



Thanks Paul,

So if a client was to use both the Excel Logger and Extend, because they wanted the toolbar, would everything get reported twice to Pulse?


Hi @mmacdonnell,

That is one of the potential issue depending on setting.

We still recommend to use one or the other.

Though you can test that out since the INI files for each should now be into different folders when loaded into the user’s profiles. Therefore, each could have its potentially have its own settings file. You can then clear out the Pulse Server setting on Extend, and retain the Pulse Server on the Excel Logger. This is untested so please do so at your own risk.


Thanks Paul