Extend: Only able to track after Login to TM1?



Hi all,

Is it the correct behaviour that Extend does not track Excel usage without connecting to any TM1 Server?

As I am having a bit of “weird” behaviour that, I have configured Extend to point to a Pulse server, all setup is fine, however, if I just start up Excel, knowing Extend also started up (with correct configuration), opening an Excel workbook, nothing get tracked, but if I log into any TM1 instance, then open another Excel workbook, it then track.

I just want a confirmation whether this is the expected behaviour or not, and is that a reason of this?




Hi @twong,

These questions should be posted to the Pulse forum. We are working on a new logger for Excel that has no relationship to Extend.

In terms of what gets logged to Pulse, it is only TM1 workbooks. Excel workbooks without TM1 formulae are not logged.


Alright, I was hoping Extend can support tracking the normal Excel workbooks which leads to an Excel Hell Analysis.