Exporting a JSON file of migration objects


With regards to Creating a migration package from a preselected list in a file - Cubewise CODE, is there a way to export a JSON file of the items from an existing package?

I would like to use the files in a previous package as the starting point of a new package. I know I can create a second package and merge them, but I would like to remove some as well.


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there’s a ER for this already Create "package manifest" from existing package (#3892) · Issues · Cubewise CODE / Pulse · GitLab

to me this is necessary for this feature to be used (and useable)

Thanks for bringing the ticket up! We are currently on preparation and testing for the next release. We will look into these next batch of enhancements most probably after this upcoming release.

We will update the ticket once we have more or once we have started on that enhancement.

Hi @R.B,

On a related matter, there is also an “Upload” button feature where you can you can specific before hand the items you would like to select during Manual package creation.

This is a sample file you can upload,

upload.json (440 Bytes)