Export Pulse TM1Top Session Log from Kibana

Hi all,

How do I export the logs from Kibana? IBM is requesting TM1Top logs due to recent unknown server crashes, we have capture the information in Kibana already, but I couldn’t find a way to export the logs out and provide to IBM.



Hi Tat,

With TM1 Top logs, does this mean you want to export the TM1 top “screenshots” that Pulse saves in elastic per seconds. Or do you mean the tm1server.log?

Either the case, the out of the box from Kibana that we are using does not have this feature. But this can be worked out in other ways, ie. executing searches directly into the Cluster and export the data into a csv using a third party application.

All the above said, we are working towards to migrate the current cluster to the more flexible Opensearch which provides more features.



Alright, then I guess I need to turn on TM1Top log somehow.

We need the TM1Top logs saves in elastic per second and export to csv format to send to IBM for crash investigation purpose.

Hi Tat,

As Erik said the export to csv feature is not available in Kibana. But if you install Grafana, you can export to csv any data stored in Elasticsearch.

The following article will show you how to install Grafana and how to export to csv the tm1top information:



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