Export PDF with Watermark


Hi there,

When exporting pdf via Canvas, is it possible to add Watermark? Can you shed some light how I can do that?




Hi @twong,

To write comments on Canvas dashboards, you could use this Chrome plugins, Kami:

You can see an example attached.

What you need to do is print the Canvas page into PDF and then if the Kami plugin is available, it will show the Kami options:

I hope this help.




Hi @twong,

I am guessing you want to put confidential or something like that as a watermark? At the moment it isn’t possible, you would need to export the PDF to disk and use a command line PDF library (there are a number of open source ones).


By adding a div with water mark image with transparency png into the HTML page at z-index:100; that has style position:absolute ; width:100%; left:0px; bottom:0px;
Than setting class of the div to display: block if @media print
Than your image will only display if printing


Hi @ishapiro,

Great answer, that will work and be much easier!


That’s great, thanks everyone for the idea, I will probably also go for what @ishapiro is proposing.