Export function is not working

Hi everyone,

Because consultants who understand Canvas are not available in our office these days, i need your help on this issue. The export function is not working properly. What can be the reason and what can i do to a check list? Any advise welcome.

Hi @gatalay,

You haven’t provide much information to help us diagnose the issue. What browser (and version) are you using?

Hi @tryan thanks for helping. Here the screenshots of the version of Canvas and Chrome. I tried in Internet Explorer as well, no success. What else can i share for the diagnosis?



Hi @gatalay,

We you say “The export function is not working properly”, you need to give us more details. Is the file created? What is happening? Are you getting any error messages?



Hi @Vincent. Thanks for helping. I see the export file as shown below.
When i click on the Excel or CSV export i get this

And i guess i should expect to see error in browser console, right?

Nothing is happening there as far as i can see above.

This could be due to pop up blocker, try disabling pop up blocker on your browser.
Best to test the samples application and excel export if that works