Execute a TI process immediately after a file uploaded via Canvas

Hi there,

We have file upload option on Canvas, and once it has been uploaded, it would renamed the uploaded file to some GUID, and we would like to have a “fluent” experience for our users, so as soon as they have uploaded a file to Canvas, it would then processed using a TI.

And I am trying to figure out how it is possible to do the following with one action:

  1. Upload a file to Canvas.
  2. Process the file using a TI.
  3. Move the file from the upload folder into “processed” folder.

Tried to look up the documentation and still not able to figure out, it sounds like an easy requirement, but for some reason, couldn’t find the “tricks” to do that.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @twong,

There is actually an attribute called tm1-after-upload that you can use to pass a function to call after upload. An example can be found in the samples section, under upload:

The documentation also has it as an example: