Exclude Process Credentials when creating Package

I was wondering if it was a good idea to add an option to ‘exclude process credentials’ from the source-control based list of processes when creating a migration package. Currently, processes are listed if process credentials have changed (i.e. through opening and closing) although they have no real change in code. That was quite confusing to the client in my latest Pulse workshop.

Happy to hear your feedback. Markus

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Hi @mfynmore,

Opening and closing the TI won’t change the TI but saving will. It seems a date stamp is used as part of the the encryption of the password. We don’t plan to change how it works, the key is not pressing save if you haven’t changed the TI.

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

What you are saying is that there should be an option for Pulse to totally ignore changes in credentials (e.g. ODBC userID and password). That makes sense to me!