Excel Upload Deleted Cells and Digit Seperator Issues


In client we add excel upload function and everything is ok, but i couldnt overcome two problems.

1- We export excel in load format and delete a cell. When we upload, it doesnt make the same cell deleted in TM1. It stays as same like we didn’t upload anything to that cell. I think it somehow skips the empty cells while uploading. By the way i have the same problems considering string cells.

2- In Turkey we use “.” as thousand separator and “,” as digit separator. UX works fine considering digit separator until now. But in excel upload when we upload 5,6 forexample, it becames 56 in UX. But this is the only problem, it works properly in all other scenarios.

Do you have any suggestions for these problems.

Thanks in advance,

The answer to this is relatively simple. To “delete” a populated leaf cell in TM1 you send a value of 0 to the cell. As empty cells in the Excel are skipped for efficiency to clear any values don’t clear in Excel but make the cell value 0. It’s the same for string cells, but rather than 0 the string cells you want to clear should have a value in Excel of one (or more) space characters.

The Excel upload should respect the thousand and decimal separators depending on the browser localization settings. So if this is happening while numbers are otherwise displaying in UX with the normal separators as per Turkish number format then you should report as a bug