Excel Logger with new PAx Report Types


I just want to find out if Excel Logger in Pulse 6 (or Pulse 5) can be used to track TM1 report activities if the users are using Exploration and Quick report types?

Given that these report types do not have any TM1 forumla, I wanted to double check.


Hi Ben,

As soon a new Excel file is open, the Pulse Excel Logger will search for TM1 formula, if it finds one it is going to send the workbook information to Pulse. If it does not find any TM1 formula, then it won’t send the information.



@Vincent So it seems like then Exploration reports and Quick reports won’t be recognised as TM1 reports given they do not use any TM1 formula?

Hi @Sb5,

I believe it checks for the named ranges used in those reports as well. @plim, can you confirm that?

Yes, it it checking name ranges and some keywords in the cells as wells that may not be necessarily TM1 formulas. So Pulse can still detect and identify these types.



Thanks for clarification @plim!