Error on loading Widget on Apliqo UX

Hello Cubewisers.

I am setting an application on apliqo from 2 TM1 instance backup:

  • Content Store
  • Model

After setting the parameter on instance.JSON file, i can connect to the webapp.
The issue is i cannot load the widget. I have this message bellow.

Is anybody has this issue before?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @AdamaMbengue,
it can be caused by many issues.

First thing I’d check is a version compatibility. Are you sure that you have compatible versions of UX and CS?

Could you please go to the dev console and check what’s the error message for the “dimensions” item in the network?

Hi Maurycy.

Please see bellow the message I have on dev console.



In addition to my previous snapshot, it seems there is an issue with the dimensions }APQ UX Snippet.

The dimension exists but there is only one element inside.