Error Message for different security groups

Hi all,
Does any of you had encountered an issue for showing different messages for different security groups in UX?
When I try to delete a Frozen (non deletable) version with admin user, it gives the following warning. This is the one I wanted to show to all the user groups.


However, when I try to delete the exact same version, it gives this message.


As far as I understand, the users other than admin do not have the authorization to see the error log file.
How can I sole this problem?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @zkaplan

The second message means the user group either does not have access to the process or the process does not exist.

The process is triggered and executed. It gives the error file. But error log file is not accessed

AFAIK this is a limitation or a defect of the Rest API as the function call is reading from the tm1server.log file and not the individual TM1ProcessError file and admin access is required to read the server message log. The issue also affects Workspace. There is a discussion in IBM PA community about it here.

We are looking for an alternative in UX but probably this will be fixed when it is fixed in the TM1 server itself.

Thanks Scott for this info.
This means that users cannot see any meaningful message in UX, right?
Is there any workaround for this? Logoutput will not have a benefit, right?

Yes. If the user isn’t in the ADMIN group then they will get this error rather than the correct message.
No LogOutput won’t help as this just writes to the tm1server.log file which non-admin users don’t have rights to read via the rest API.