ERROR cube

When I log into Arc using non-interactive account for IBM cloud instance there is only 1 cube: ERROR. I can see dimensions & TIs though. Everything looks fine in Architect when I remote onto the cloud richtier box.


arc.log.txt (298.9 KB)

Looking at the config file, it looks like someone added the line below. Probably part of an incomplete process we are going through to be able to monitor the cloud servers using Pulse 6.

IBM just did some updates over the weekend on their cloud instances and HTTPOriginWhitelist is a new tm1s.cfg parameter. This was added to all instances.

Thanks! I raised a ticket to get more info and here’s what they say (which is a bit technical for me) and leaves me wondering if Arc needs an update:
The change is pushed out during the maintenance. Purpose was to enable CORS (Cross-region resource sharing) functionality on the REST API. Supposed to protect from bad actors by allow-listing where requests originate. CORS on REST APIs is not widely used in the industry when requests are generated by a non web browser client, but likely will be in the future. This is more of a nice to have than a need to have. This functionality has been available (although undocumented) for the past few versions, name changes from HTTPOriginWhilelist to HTTPOriginAllowList in the new versions.

Hi @cw-ch and @crothman,

This is a know issue with the IBM Cloud that we are working on to fix. I don’t think HTTPOriginWhitelist is related to this issue as that is for cross-domain scripting which Arc doesn’t do.

Hi @crothman,

We have a fix for the issue, @cw-ch it is related to that parameter. It shouldn’t have broke Arc but did. We now have a fix so you don’t have to update that parameter on your TM1 servers.

We will update the cloud environments we host with the new version.


Hi @tryan

This is great news.

Please let us know when the update is complete.