Enhancement Request: A new dashboard supporting One DB feature

Hi there,

Since we have now able to connect to SQL Server, and that enable us to connect to multiple Admin Host and TM1 instance.

For the Monitoring part, it should be ok, however, for CPU/RAM/Hard Disk, it would be nice that we can have a page showing all in one page and not just displaying the server Pulse has installed on.

But of course, I guess as workaround, we can surely use ElisticSearch as alternative for the time being.



Or as workaround set up a Canvas page that queries the Pulse SQL Server DB …

Problem is it is not nature enough, still prefer Pulse could have these as default.

Hi @twong
I have a client looking to migrate to SQL server. When they do this, will they still have 3 separate links for the webpage? Or will the just have one URL to access all 3 servers?


Hi @nfrigo,

In version 5 using SQL Server for the database doesn’t change the setup of the Pulse but the db can be shared. You still need to install Pulse separately on each server and they run independently. Version 6 will allow a single Pulse to connect to multiple servers.