Element "NULL" not found in dimension errors during }src_dim_export_data


At a customer running PA 2.0.3 we are seeing some strange errors on dimension updates when Pulse calls the }src_dim_export processes to get the dimension outline into the git repository

The content of the error logs is always the same with TM1 complaining about a “NULL” element …

“NULL”,Data Source line (327) Error: Data procedure line (114): Element “NULL” not found in dimension “TBM Tender"
Error: Data procedure line (114): error repeats 3 times
"NULL”,Data Source line (327) Error: Data procedure line (117): Invalid key: Dimension Name: “TBM Tender”, Element Name (Key): “NULL”

The error is coming from a AttrS on the non-existing element. Looking in the }Export.All subset there is no “NULL” member in the subset for the couple of dimensions where this consistently happens.

To avoid the error but still get a notification when it happens I added the following at line 90 on the Data tab to skip if there is an invalid element.

  If( DimIx( pDimName, sEl ) = 0 );
      LogOutput('WARN', Expand('}src_dim_export_data: element %sEl% not found in dimension %pDimName%.'));

Has this come up at any other Pulse sites running PA? We never saw this before in 10.2.2 and it also doesn’t happen in the same model running on 10.2.2. Has anyone else seen phantom “NULL” elements in PA or any other ideas what might be going on?


Hi @cw-ch we have seen this error as well - we have installed 2.0.3 with latest pulse on our dev box.


Hi @cw-ch, that is a weird one, must be a bug in PA as it seems to be returning an element in the subset that doesn’t exist.

@shallabh.khera, as a temp solution you can edit the the TI process @cw-ch mentions. It does get overridden when Pulse restarts however.


Thanks @tryan - today we have got a notification for 2.0.4 - will see if I can get it downloaded by end of week and give it a try there as well.


We are running 2.0.4 and are experiencing the same issue.


Hi @brett.jeney,

What is your Pulse version?




Hey Vincent.

5.7.7 I believe




Thanks Brett,

We created a ticket for this issue, we will investigate it and work on a workaround for the next release.

Well keep you posted once we have a fix.




Thanks. Let me know if you need anything like error log files examples etc.




Hi @brett.jeney,

We implemented @cw-ch workaround (described above in the first post) and it will be part to the next release.