Element formatting not applying after importing Pulse package


I’m not sure where the issue is, but after deploying a new dimension and cube using Pulse, the element formatting isn’t being applied. I think it’s the way Pulse is exporting and importing the attribute value, but I’m not sure. Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong? This is what I did.

  1. Using Arc, created a new dimension and cube, and applied element formatting.
  2. Created a package in Pulse that contains the dimension and cube.
  3. Deployed the package using Pulse.

What I noticed is that the value in Arc appears as #,##0;(#,##0), but in the cube it appears as b:#,##0;(#,##0) The formatting is applied to views (Perspectives) correctly. In the Pulse package the format appears as #,##0;(#,##0) without the b:. After the package has been imported, the value in the cube appears as #,##0;(#,##0) without the b: and the formatting is not applied to cube views. If I edit the formatting in Arc, it appears not to change, but the formatting in the cube is updated to include the b: and the views display correctly.

Pulse 6.1.0
PA 2.0.8

Am I doing something wrong or is this an issue?


Hi @R.B ,

It could be something the way REST API exports it out.

Let us probably check the DIMX file of that dimension where you placed the formats. Are you able to post that dimx file (you can change the name of the actual file if you prefer to) here?



Hi @plim,

This is what’s in the DIMD file relating to an element. I can send you the DIMD and DIMX files separately if you want.

 Type:= N
    Format:= #,##0.00;(#,##0.00)
 ParentCount:= 0

Thanks @R.B!

Let us probably try the REST API response itself.

Is the client using native security? If so, using a browser, can you post in here the result of the following:


For sample purposes, I have a TM1 server running with REST API port 8882, and here is what the above URL looks like:




Hi @plim

I couldn’t get it to work in a browser, but here it is from Arc.

  "@odata.context": "../../$metadata#Dimensions('z%20Test%20Pulse')/Hierarchies('z%20Test%20Pulse')/Elements/$entity",
  "Name": "A",
  "UniqueName": "[z Test Pulse].[z Test Pulse].[A]",
  "Type": "Numeric",
  "Level": 0,
  "Index": 1,
  "Attributes": {
    "Caption": "A",
    "Format": "#,##0.00;(#,##0.00)"

Thanks @R.B for helping to confirm something!

At the moment though, Pulse saves attribute values and sends it as it is from the REST API response.

And that is what you have as well in the DIMD file.

Can you please create an enhancement ticket on Pulse for this?




Thanks! Will update from there.