Elastic-search - allowing remote connections

Hi All,
I was wondering if there’s a way to allow external connections to the elastic search instance inside Pulse. We have a client that has many elastic search instances from different applications and they create many dashboards by merging that data.
Is this possible? Or that elastic-search instance is only available through Pulse?



Hi @nbisurgi ,

Yes you can connect to Pulse Elasticsearch, below is an example of how to connect Grafana with Pulse Elasticsearch:

The default Pulse Elasticsearch URL is http://localhost:8097



Hi @nbisurgi,

Sorry for my late reply. In short, the cluster that it is installed with Pulse, is just for Pulse proposes, and it has been modified by the CODE team to support only Pulse ingestion. We are deploying a One Node Cluster, and all the indices are 1 shard indices.

there are two installations:

A) Local installation with Pulse (This means deploying elastic with Pulse). You will not be able to access this cluster outside the Server that is hosting Pulse. The latter is the intended desing.

B) Install Pulse Explorer in an independent box outside. This is installation will allow you to access the Pulse Cluster via the standard elastic API. There are a few things to consider. 1. the Pulse Explorer, is the Open Source version of Elastic search 7.0.1, it comes without x-box and security, the user has to ensure via network security that only the desired clients that need to access the Pulse Data in Elasticsearch are able to do so. 2. Pulse the cluster is a minimal cluster, 1 Node Cluster where all the indices are 1 shard indices, adding other sources to the Pulse cluster will have undesired performance issues in the elasticsearch engine.

Please let us know if the above is clear, or feel free to ping me to discuss the above.