Edit Column Header not working

I’m trying to edit inserted column header but when I click on it, nothing happened.


Even though i follow the below instruction from @cw-ch:

“Although the “Edit column header” context menu shows on right-click on all cells in the inserted column, the popup will only display to edit the column header if you are right-clicking on the header itself and not one of the cells in the column. Although this is a bug, it’s a very minor issue in the scheme of things.”

When I do only click on the header itself but once I clicked on it, it automatically highlighted the whole columns.

do you mean that only the header should be highlighted for the “edit column header” popup to work?



Did you actually do it? Yes right-clicking on the column header will automatically highlight all cells in the column. But so what? This isn’t relevant. When you then select the “Edit column header” option in the context menu (exactly from your 2nd screenshot) then you will get a popup dialog to change the name of the inserted column.

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:frowning: did…you can see it from my screenshot:


just there’s no pop-up dialog to change the name when I clicked on edit column…:frowning:

I cannot replicate this not working.