Dynamic UX picklist for each row element

Hi All,

We are trying to build a picklist that is meant to be different for each element in the row dimension.
I.e. We have a Project dimension in rows and would like to query the Project Version dimension for each project. So the UX Picklist should highlight the leaves of the Project in the Project Version dimension.

I am wondering if there is a setting to retrieve the row element similar to the settings service.

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The pop-up table is natively doing this and therefore we can build a view/chart/ti process widget automatically filtered for every element in rows. Except in the process we need to specify the “value”: “Dimension Name”


Why not use a standard TM1 Picklist? Then you can use a }PickList cube and then use a rule to determine a different picklist for each row element? (but I guess the reason you want to use UX picklist is to be able to use MDX rather then needing to pre-build different subsets for each row element if I’m not mistaken?)

Yes, it’s a large dimension and would like to avoid creating many subsets for this purpose.