Dynamic Column with a different length on a specific column

Hi all,

I have a requirement to build a monthly forecast screen, and also need to put a “remark” at the back, however, I couldn’t find a way to make “remark” column to be longer as it’s located at the far right of the widget.

Is there any way I can specify a specific column like by “name” so that when the columns become dynamic, the column can also adjust accordingly?



I don’t think there is a way to specify column width by name. It’s only applied by column number so when the number/order of columns changes, the initially assigned width breaks.

Column width is set by index and not by name. Without applying a special css to the column I think there is an easy workaround just by playing with the display attribute for the Remark column e.g. set it to "Remark                    " with nbspace as the column widths are automatically assigned based on the width of the column header text.