Dynamic Cell Formatting Multiple Conditions

Hello Experts,

We would like to dynamically apply a format class to cells based on both another data row plus the value of the cell themselves.

In the screenshot below the first row is a formula checking for the string “VAR” in the column heading. The exact string on these columns may vary but will always contain “VAR” if it’s a variance column. We then want to apply a custom CSS class to each cell in a Variance column based on the cell value - if >= 0 then green, if < 0 then red. Currently, both conditions are using the dataRow for reference, hence the first condition is being applied. Is there a way to the first condition linked to the dataRow but the second condition linked to the cell value? Or is there another way we can get to our desired result?


One suggestion is to add an Apliqo formula column (and have it be hidden). In that column, you can use nested IF statements to do more complicated logic and reference this hidden column to determine the formatting.