Drill is not working : websheet embedded in UX

Hi all,
Has anyone experienced this, “DRILL” function is working correctly in tm1web (perspective)
While embedding in UX, “DRILL” is disabled

Am I missing any configuration?

Is this a websheet underneath?

If so, then this will never work, UX is relying on TM1Web URL API to get the websheet object to be displayed, and TM1Web URL API is different to typical TM1Web (yes, they are the same product and the same installation), some features may not be the same as the normal TM1Web.

Drill is one of the features that will NEVER be available via TM1Web URL API, asked IBM a few times, same answer.

So the alternate solution is to build exactly the same report on UX (Grid only) if the drill feature is important to user.

There is the same view in UX, but the performance is bad no matter querying or exporting…
that’s why we use tm1web embedded in UX instead.

Probably need someone from UX Team to suggest a way to handle large dataset.

I kinda remember there were some optimisation or feature been done to handle large dataset.

Pagination for large tables is still on the roadmap.

But you can always quite easily create a DYI pagination using 1 or 2 helper dimensions for page number and page size and then base MDX using head, tail and subset functions.