Drill down issue by using hierarchy in mdx

Hi temas,
We encountered a problem on UX version 2020.08.
In the case of using hierarchy in mdx, I cannot click the plus+ sign to drill down. (as pic 1.)
When I remove hierarchy from mdx, it’s fine. (as pic 2.)

Has anyone encountered the same situation?

mdx with hierarchy:
{ {[Sys TM1 Object Application].[<<Sync.Sys TM1 Instance.Sys TM1 Instance>>**].[(Consol) Applications]},{[Sys TM1 Object Application].[**<<Sync.Sys TM1 Instance.Sys TM1 Instance>>].[}Applications]} , {Descendants([Sys TM1 Object Application].[$<<Sync.Sys TM1 Instance.Sys TM1 Instance>>].[(Consol) Applications],2)} }
pic 1.

mdx without hierarchy:
{Union( {Union( {[Sys TM1 Object Application].[(Consol) Applications]},{[Sys TM1 Object Application].[}Applications]} )}, {Descendants([Sys TM1 Object Application].[(Consol) Applications],2)} )}
pic 2.

Additional observation,
When the selected filter = hierarchy, drill down function works.