Dragging Cells on Grid Control Goes Over the Last Line


I’m dragging a cell down multiple lines, but it doesn’t stop at the last row. More rows are inserted and the values aren’t always sent to the valid lines. Whether the data is sent seems a bit inconsistent when there are the extra lines. Is there a way to stop this?

Hi Roy, we cannot reproduce this issue. Did you update to the latest version 2.1.1?

Hi @R.B,

Are you using suppress 0 on 2 stacked rows/columns or merged views?

I can reproduce it in the latest demo model. I just created a new app, and a new view. The selections defaulted to the currency cube. I selected N level elements that could be updated and dragged the cells down.

Recording attached.UX_DragCell.zip (875.2 KB)

No, single view, single dimension row and single dimension on columns.