Documenting Objects With Non-Alphanumeric Characters


I’m using Pulse to document a system but it is missing some of the relationships between processes and dimensions in the flow diagrams. The only difference I can see between the dimensions that are shown and those missing is that the missing ones have a dash in the dimension name e.g. “my - dim”. Could this be the problem? If not what else could it be?

Is there a way to add the known relationships manually?

Pulse Version: 5.5.1


Hi @R.B,

You can’t add relationships manually, it should be able to cope with dashes in the name. What are the relationships? Cube rule, TI function, etc.


I’m currently using Pulse to identify and document which dimensions are updated by which processes. There is a process that is used to update a dimensions using the DimensionElementInsert TI function. The dimension reference is a variable. The relationship between these two objects are not displayed in a flow diagram.

Hi @R.B, That is the issue, Pulse only includes in the relationships data movement, CellPut/Get, DB, AttrPut, etc.

The fact that Pulse relationships is “data centric” and not “model centric” (i.e. cataloging only process to cube relationships and ignoring dimension updates) is an issue as it gives an inaccurate picture of relationships. Any chance that this might get addressed/fixed?