Documentation Upadate Failure

I searched for existing threads before creating this new topic.
All our TM1 Servers gave documentation error during the overnight automatic documentation update.
Two of them gave the error saying it could not update an excel report with tag ‘MapExternalsToApplications’.
When I manually updated the documentation this morning, only one of the above two servers gave the same error, all other servers completed the udpate successfully.
The error message reads : The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
I’ve always run documentation even while users are logged in & using the reports without any error, so a bit surprised about this error.


Hi @drd,

During documentation the Excel files in the }Externals folder are updated with their application path. It looks like someone has one or more of these Excel files open resulting in a locked file.

Hi @tryan, thanks for the reply.

  1. As I said in my post, I’ve always used it with people using reports, I never got those errors before ?
  2. When you say excel files open do you mean the corresponding TM1 report on server or the underlying }Externals excel file. I can confirm that nobody has opened the }Externals file.
  3. How can we resolve these errors ?


Hi @drd,

Normally you would get this error only if someone (or thing) has the Excel file open when the dcumentation is run. It might be a virus scanner and other system process as well.

If he error is still ocurring when you run documentation there are tools you can use to see what is locking the file:

Thanks for the reply @tryan
We think what might have happened is that one of the admins updated a report on server & canceled the window before updating completely. This might get fixed on server restart.

However, there is still an unanswered question :

  1. Other servers also generated email while documentation was being updated.
    WARN DocumentJob DocumentJob finalised with errors for service : service_name
    There are no other details in Pulse logs, how can we find out what happened there ?


Not sure, hard to know if there is nothing in the logs. If you continue to get an error, create an issue using the link below and we can follow up.

Hi @drd,

Are you using PAX by any chance?

I have seen similar issues, not related to Pulse, but normal backup of the TM1 model also get affected, it seems like when someone open a PAX template, it creates a lock on the server and therefore causing any I/O interaction with this file would cause error.

But I am also finding a little bit hard time replicating it, as that lock not always happen, just it does appears to be relating to PAX.



No, we’re not using PAX, it’s TM1 10.2.2