Documentation not Updating


I have an issue updating the documentation in Pulse. I think the TM1 Service has been renamed, which may have caused an issue or been changed to try and address the issue.

When running the documentation it stops very quickly with the message Unable to export object list: instance_name. The instance name is the TM1 instance name. There is a TM1 error file TM1ProcessError_20200219065400_09907256_}src_control.log that contains the following, but the file does exist, although it has a time stamp of five days ago.

Error: Prolog procedure line (14): File “C:\Program Files\Pulse for TM1\db\instance_name.objx” not found.

The service is now IBM Cognos TM1 Server x64 / instance_name. It used to include the equal sign.

I have restarted the Pulse services. Any ideas how to address the issue?

Hi @R.B,

would you mind sending us a ticket for this case.