Displaying Another Dimension's Attributes as Headers

I want know if it’s possible to use a different dimension’s string attributes as the “alias” used in an ApliqoUX view.

I have a cube with dimensions Benchmark, Accounts, and Measures. In a view, I have accounts as rows and measures as columns. Measures includes elements Source Version, Target Version, and Variance. Benchmark contains elements like Actuals vs October Fcst Archive or Fcst vs Budget. I have a process that loads data from my normal income statement cube to this cube for the respective source and target measures defined by the benchmark.

So if I’m displaying Source Version, Target Version, and Variance as columns and I have Actuals vs October Fcst Archive as a title element , I would want the header title for Source Version to display Actuals and Target Version to display October Fcst Archive.

I’ve heard this may be possible using some custom JavaScript and the columnHeaderUpdate parameter. Has anyone else attempted this or have an example they could share?

I’m not quite clear if you are talking about the title for the widget itself versus the column captions.

If it it just the title or info text for a dashboard screen or individual widget then yes this is possible and quite easy as the current (or last) filter selection of every instance/dimension/hierarchy selection is stored in the setting service and can be retrieved using the variable replacement syntax (attribute values can also be retrieved). The syntax within the text string woudl just be…


If you are meaning replacing the text for column captions not with attribute values of the element and hierarchy currently on columns but from somewhere else then yes this is possible, but also yes you will need a custom javascript function to do it (so it’s not so easy or straightforward, but possible yes!)

Yes, the latter is what I’m trying to accomplish. Does anyone have an example of the custom JavaScript to retrieve another dimensions attribute to display as the alias for a column header?

that seems like a very specific use case,
maybe we can get on a call to discuss a few potential solutions ?