Display in same number format

Hi experts,

Is there anyway to display all number either in M or in K as per example?

Demo: a16.f17.v1


Short answer, no. Using the built-in var class contains logic that if value >1000 and <1000000 then display /1000 and round with K. If value >1000000 then /1000000 and round with M.

That’s a simplification but basically that’s it.

If you wanted to display everything as K regardless of value (so 6 M would be 6,000 K for example) then you would need to write your own class or solve this withing hte TM1 model itself via a number format or separate measure for example.

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Thanks @cw-ch

the class that you mentioned should also be in TM1 model right? It’s not from advance option in Apliqo.

I just found out one example in Demo where you can write your own variance formula and use the ibcs class as “var”, it will give me the same result.

It means if I do something similar but write a new ibcs class with the rule you mention. It might work.

However it’s not working for the KPI simple one.

The advanced optiosn dialog for the cell color picker doesn’t show all available classes. You can just type “var” into the class field, but I guess you figured this out already.

Your options to change the number presentation in the KPI widgets are limited as this is a pre-built component.

If you want to show everything as “K” then the best way to do this is special measure and number format within TM1 itself.

Thanks @cw-ch