Disabling global filter drop down

Is there a way to disable to the drop downs highlighted yellow below? It’s okay if the dimension displays, but I do not want the selection capability. I do however need the red dimension to remain selectable.

Normally the dimension would be fixed to achieve this, but I’m using MDX/settings service to parse the filter values from the main screen to this popup, therefore they need to be part of the global filters.

Hi @mhaynes

When you say this do you mean that Version, Year, Month are already selected in the main screen and you just want the same values? Or do you mean that these values need to be actively populated into the filter via MDX expression using setting service variables from some other placeholder dimension?

If it is the later then you need a filter as only static or empty value is supported in fixed dimensions (MDX on fixed dimensions will be supported in the planned Q1 2022 release).

If it is the former then just drag the dimensions to “fixed” and make sure that the “default element” field is empty. The behaviour of fixed dimensions is the same as filter dimensions. If no default element is selected then the current selection for that hierarchy will be automatically passed by the setting service.

The only difference is that for filters a element list is defined and if the setting service doesn’t contain a value for the hierarchy of the value isn’t in the list then the first element in the list will be selected, for a fixed dimension if the setting service isn’t initialized for that hierarchy then the value will remain blank and the MDX query wil then probably error.

It’s actually a combination of both – thanks for explaining them.

I believe the issue is actually with the text box widget – fixed default elements populate correctly – but the text box becomes un-editable if the dimensions are anywhere other than on Global filters.

I was able to apply your steps on a Grid widget.

The Text Box widget is really nothing more than a single cell DBRW. Becasue it is a single cell the way it has been built all dimensions need to be either on filter or fixed. Normally for any required dimension not on global filter of fixed on the dashboard then include those dimensions on fixed for the Text Box widget.

There should be no difference in behaviour for the Text Box is the dimensions are on fixed vs filter.

Thanks that makes a lot more sense to me. Is there any widget-specific documentation anywhere?
The MDX on fixed dims will be super helpful.