Disabling automatic widget refresh

Hello, I’m wondering if there is a way to stop widgets from refreshing their content when a page is navigated to. I’d like to instead manually refresh the page when needed. Can the content of the widget be saved in local memory, and then when the page is navigated back to, show the previously displayed content, for example? We’d like to not have to wait for each cube view to reload every time we navigate to another part of the dashboard and want to go back.

Hi @aburke,

On the Advanced Setting for each page, you can disable the auto refresh with the “realTimeEnabled” parameter, default is true, so just change it to false.
the “realTimeButtonEnabled” is to have the button there on top of each page available to click for autorefresh.

  "toolbar": {
    "realTimeButtonEnabled": true,
    "realTimeEnabled": false

In case of a pop-up window, if you don’t want to refresh the page after closing it, you can add the following setting on the pop-up advanced settings:

"modalsView": {
     "autoRefreshOnClose": false

Hope this helps!

Actually, even easier, you can do it from the settings gui:


When a page is navigated to all widgets will always be refreshed since UX is a single page application and there is no concept of caching screens previously navigated to.
However if you are remaining on the screen and don’t want data etry on a widget triggering refresh of all other widgets or likewise each filter change triggering an automatic refresh then @rmazziero already provided the solution.

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You answered my question well, thank you both!

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