Disable running TI's in Debug mode over Arc

Hi Team - Our production TM1 server (PA recently crashed and we suspect it crashed as a developer tried to execute a TI over Arc (3.5.1) in debug mode.

Can you please confirm the following for me.

– Are you aware of any similar issues wherein the TM1 server crashes while running TI’s in debug mode over REST API tools such as Arc.

– The developers are admins over the production server hence is it feasible to just disable the Debug option for them while keeping their other privileges intact.

– Any other inputs (config parameters etc.) that could help avoid running into a TM1 server crash while debugging TI’s.


Hi @rkuma145 ,

I’m not aware of TI debugging creating a crash in the TM1 server (You should check with the IBM support team).

The TM1 Debugging feature is very powerful for a TM1 developer. But with great power comes great responsibility.

When debugging a process in TM1, you’re stepping through your code while the process is running. It means that while you’re doing this all objects related to the process are locked, you might lock users who want to use these objects.

It is a good practice to avoid debugging a process in Production. Developers should only debug a process on DEV and TEST/UAT environments.

How to disable the TM1 Debugging feature?

To disable the debugging feature in TM1, you just need to update the following configuration in the PROD instance (no need to restart the TM1 instance, you can use the Configuration utility in Arc as below):

If the debugging feature is disabled in the TM1 instance, Arc will not be able to use it. Next time, you try to debug a process with Arc, you’ll get the following message error:

I hope this help,